keskiviikko 25. kesäkuuta 2008

Back from the island

We came home last evening, and my head still doesn´t quite get that I´m back in the city.. So 
I´m sorry if I don´t make any cense..:) 
Our vacation was very love, the weather was ok most of the time, but it also rained.. But I like rain and it´s good for the environment, so I´m not sad at all.. We barbequed a lot, had great company (neighbors and my little brother wiht his girlfriend), little gardening, some fixing up the place, very relaxing indeed. I didn´t have the time or the will to knit more than a few lines, so nothing new to show you guys today, sorry.
But I do have some pictures to show you, so here we go!

the sunset is always so pretty..these are from different places and differet days.

Local seagull nesting. We used to go swimming from this rock, but not this time..

Our pet lizard, he was so tame that he walked on my leg. He lives under our porch.

Three baby-seagulls, quite cute.

Milla enjoyed the sun, freedom and that someone was always ready to pet her!

Scenery from the rock. The third pier from left is ours. 

3 kommenttia:

Lavender A kirjoitti...

Welcome back Luna! We missed you at Hogwarts :)

What island did you visit?

Queen Frysia kirjoitti...

Yay! You're back! That is a seriously beautiful place you went to--love those sunsets!

juuli kirjoitti...

Hei! Luulenpa vahingossa sittenkin valinneeni väärät karstat. Tuntuivat ihan vierailta kun rupesin karstailemaan. Vaihdetaanko?