maanantai 4. elokuuta 2008

Thank you so much Emma!

I came home late saturday-evening, and noticed a note that the last of two packages that Emma sent me had arrived. I couldn´t get it until today, but it really was worth the wait! Look at all the lovely things Emma sent me!! The two packages are combined in these pictures.

First of all, the bag. It so lovely, big enough for all that you´ll need to carry around the town, and it looks just like a giant bee! I love love love it! The yarns were on the first package. Two skeins of Regia uni in yellow, two skeins of Regia Nation colour in a love Huffelpuff black-and-yellow, and on big skein of Rico Desingn Suberba Klassik in black. Now I really don´t have to buy more sockyarn for a while..;) In the first package there was also a really funny rowcounter that is shaped like a schoolbus, a beautiful measuring tape  and a card. In the second package with the bag came 2,5 mm bamboo DPN´s, tea, two ice cube moulds, something I think is soap, really cute bee-figures and four beautiful stitchmarkers made by Emma her self! All thing were lovely, thank you so much Emma! You have been really great spoiler! Here is a close-up to all the little things:

I´ll post some more pics from my vacation later, have a lovely week everyone!