sunnuntai 13. heinäkuuta 2008

Still on vacation! Edelleen lomalla!

Hi from Mikkeli!

It has been quite a busy week, we arrived at my DH´s parents home in Mikkeli last sunday, I had one day time to breathe and then I had to drive to our second summerplace in Savonlinna, where my dad was with his family. They were going to see an opera, "Rigoletto" on wednesday-evening, and I was babysitting my little sister. I was at Savonlinna till yestareday. Now I´m back in Mikkeli. Today we had a lovely weather for some horse-sports, one of Finlands biggest trotting-competitions was this weekend here, some wery fast horses I have to say! Take a look!

I haven´t had time to do any knitting at all, but maybe next week will be bit quiter. At least I hope so! Here are some pics from our cabin in Savonlinna.

This beautifull cliff is near the place where we keep our boat.

Anoughter beautifull sunset

Red-necked grebe is taking food to his family

Mrs. Goldeneye and her 7 kids

Nothing more this time, till next week!